Ketogenic Diet

I am on ketogenic diet for almost 8 months and cant be happier. This diet has not only changed my running performance but have also helped me in losing some extra pounds.

What is ketogenic diet and how does it work

In simple words, when your body start using fat as a energy source then blood ketone can be found in your blood. This process is called ketosis. As name suggests, the diet high in fat (more than 70% of total calories) is called Ketogenic diet (because of ketone).

Why our body uses fat as a primary fuel source

Next question you will be asking why our body will use fat as a energy source? This can happen when your glycogen store (preferred energy source) is low or empty (for example when you run marathon or ultramarathon). The need for calories in such a long distance is tremendous, so body will start relying more on the body fat because you do not have any energy that is coming from glycogen. Alternatively, you can train your body to use fat efficiently and that can be done by changing your diet where fat provides 70-75% calories, protein will give 15-20% and less than 10% from carbohydrate.

Since your body do not have much carbohydrate to begin with then it will start taking energy from the fat that you consume. This will increase your blood ketone level. In my next post i will discuss why one should try ketogenic diet. Ranging from endurance athletes to people who have some deadly disease have benefited from this diet and all findings are backed by science and you can rest assured this high fat low carb or fat adaption is not a propaganda. This has worked for me and i will keep experimenting with it by reading more research articles and findings. I will also be posting as to which fat is better than others with emphasis on why it is better.