Training and Races

I believe in high volume training. This means that I run a lot of slow miles and that have improved my running performance over the years. Some athletes may argue that running slow is not good to get faster but I politely disagree. I will be posting about this in near future to describe the science behind the slow running and why this is important to run faster. This approach has certainly made me run all the distances better.

Race Calendar 2019:

John Dick 50k: Feb 2019

Mushing for meals 10k: March 2019

Madcity Ultras 50k: April 2019

Iceage trail 50k: May 2019

Badger Trail 100k: Aug 2019

John Dick 50k-Feb, 2019: Start of this year has just been wonderful. I received my first ultrarunning title when i won John Dick Memorial 50k. Conditions were really tough but i survived and won.

Mushing for meals, March 2019 (10k): This has been a very interesting race where i ran 7.2 miles rather than running 6.2 miles. Took a wrong turn but still pushed hard was able to win the race. I will posting more about the race very soon.

Madcity 50k, April 2019: I have not raced any race since the world championship last year in Croatia. It will be fun to see how fast I can go in a road 50K race. Since the race is in the town of Madison, so having known race course and home crowd will certainly help.

Result of the race: Overall 3rd and Wisconsin State Champion -50k Road race. Ran 50k in 3:27:43

With David, Emily and Donna after Madcity 50k

Ice age trail 50 miles : May 11-2019

I planned to run sub 7 hours Iceage 50 miles. However fell short by 7 minutes. However, this is the best 50 mile times ran by an Indian (7:07:51) and overall 4th place in the US 50 mile national championship. Check race results here.

Here are some pictures from the race. Thanks to mile 90 photography for these wonderful images. I also finished 2nd in my age group. Please read my full race report here